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Carefully read the Academia Só Para Mulheres Service Agreement for ONLINE

Purchasing a package, you are confirming that you agree with all the information in the Agreement.


Thank you for your choice! ​



The direction



We at ACADEMIA SÓ PARA MULHERES (Marilia Naspolini Studio – CNPJ n. 13.797.179/0001-00) are pleased to offer you access to the contents available in our smartphone application and other web platforms, which seek to promote personal development through physical conditioning and a healthy lifestyle.


We emphasize that by accessing the TREI.NO application and other web platforms, you ("user") declare that you have read, understood and accepted all the conditions stipulated in this Terms of Use.


If you have any questions about the provisions set out in this document, please contact our support via email:


Initial Settings


TREI.NO – application for smartphones and web platform (student area for use on computers and notebooks) containing physical training and nutrition programs, among other products and content involving personal development through physical conditioning and a healthy lifestyle. It is noteworthy that, although there are free materials in the application, access to most of its content is linked to a paid subscription plan.

Gym only for women – company that owns the content in the TREI.NO app and holds all rights to the content made available therein.

User – natural person who accesses the contents made available on TREI.NO (application or web platform), whether paid or free. The registration and purchase of a paid subscription to TREI.NO can also be performed by a Legal Entity, however, access to paid content is limited to 01 (one) individual per subscription.

Clause One - Agreement with the Term of Use

1.1 The User, when accessing the content available (whether free or paid) on TREI.NO, declares that he has carefully read and accepted all the conditions set forth in this Terms of Use, as well as any updates to this or any other rules, privacy policies or procedures that may be disclosed, from time to time, on TREI.NO (application or web platform).

Clause Two - Characteristics of TREI.NO's signature

2.1 The paid subscription to TREI.NO provides the User with access to various exclusive content related to personal development through physical conditioning and a healthy lifestyle, such as classes and physical improvement programs, training, food programs, among others.

2.2 Although access to most content available on TREI.NO depends on the purchase of a paid subscription, downloading the application on your smartphone is free of charge. Also, possible free content may be made available in the application or on its web platform, however, at any time, access to this content may be conditioned to a paid subscription to TREI.NO.

2.3 You declare that you understand, from now on, that the contents made available on TREI.NO are aimed at personal development through physical conditioning and a healthy lifestyle, however, your subscription, by itself, does not guarantee weight reduction or improvement in physical conditioning and fitness of the User.

2.4 The User declares to be aware that TREI.NO is not or represents any type of medical organization. Thus, it is your responsibility to carry out the proper medical follow-up, according to your health condition. In this way, it is reiterated that all content, whether paid or free, is aimed exclusively at users with adequate health status for physical exercise.

2.5 In relation to the contents that may have suggestions for food programs, the User understands that these do not replace the need for follow-up by a suitable professional, being fully responsible for any problems arising from the use of food programs contained in TREI.NO without medical follow-up. or nutritional.

2.6 The User declares that if he feels any discomfort as a result of the practice of the contents made available on TREI.NO (whether exercises, food programs or any others), he will immediately interrupt the performance of the contents and will only resume them after medical clearance.

Third Clause - Permission to access exclusive content

3.1 By accepting this Term of Use, the User is guaranteed the non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable and limited right to access the TREI.NO application and/or the web platform and use the contents made available therein (there are contents made available only to Users who have taken out a paid subscription).

3.2 The rights not expressly guaranteed in these Terms of Use are reserved to Academia Só para Mulheres.

3.3 Access to TREI.NO is guaranteed through a registered account for your exclusive, non-commercial personal use. No one other than the registered User will be able to enjoy the contents made available on TREI.NO on their behalf.

3.4 The User does not have the right to copy or reproduce, in whole or in part, any content made available on TREI.NO.

3.5 The User accepts that, in all circumstances, his rights in relation to the content made available on TREI.NO are limited by copyright and/or industrial property laws.

Clause Four - TREI.NO rules

4.1 When accessing TREI.NO, the User will be subject to all rules applicable to the same. Furthermore, the User declares to be aware of the possibility that these Terms of Use may periodically undergo changes or new guidelines or rules may be added.

4.2 Such guidelines and rules will become part of this Term of Use, being applicable to all those who access TREI.NO. It is up to the User to periodically review the provisions of this document and verify that it remains fully in accordance with the provisions herein.


4.3 You declare that you are at least 18 years of age to agree and accept the Terms of Use on your own behalf.


4.4 The User agrees that he will not use TREI.NO to display, make available or transmit any content or materials:


a) Illegal, threatening, obscene, spam in nature, invasive of privacy or defamatory.

b) That infringe and/or violate any copyrights, patents, trade secrets, trademarks, right of privacy or publicity, other intellectual and industrial property rights and any other applicable laws.

c) That harm, in any way, minors.

d) Political campaign.

e) Software viruses or other programming code designed to interfere with the functionality of any computer systems or internet networks, e-mail, etc.


4.5 The User must have an appropriate and respectful attitude when accessing the content made available on TREI.NO, as well as any content made available by other Users.

4.6 Any violation of the terms of the Terms of Use or the Brazilian Legislation will guarantee the Academy for Women only the right to adopt the measures it deems necessary, and may prevent the User from accessing TREI.NO without the right to reimbursement.


4.7 The User will be responsible for any damages caused to TREI.NO, the Women's Only Academy, its partners or other users of the application, whether moral or patrimonial. If the All Women's Academy is ordered to pay compensation to any individual or organization as a result of the User's conduct, the All Women's Academy will have the right of recourse.


4.8 The User may not provide a false e-mail or any other information that may mislead the Women-Only Academy or other Users regarding their identity, message content or origin thereof.


4.9 Access will include security components and special rules and policies will apply. You must not attempt or encourage any third party to circumvent, reverse engineer, decode, decompile, disassemble or defraud or otherwise interfere with aspects of access.


4.10 You must not distribute, modify, exchange, sell, resell or retransmit any part of the Access, for any person or business, commercial or public purpose.


4.11 In addition to the ways described in this Terms of Use, the User agrees not to transmit the content of TREI.NO in any other way.


Clause Five - Use restriction related to the TREI.NO account

5.1 TREI.NO accounts are personal and non-transferable.


5.2 You agree that you will not authorize others to use your account and you agree that you will maintain the confidentiality and security of your registration information.


5.3 You agree to notify WOMEN ONLY ACADEMY support immediately after verifying or suspecting that your account has been used by someone else.


Clause Six - Use restriction related to the content made available on TREI.NO


6.1 The rights provided for in this Term of Use prohibit the user from distributing to third parties any of the content made available on TREI.NO in other digital content distribution systems or in physical media, whether free or for a fee.


6.2 If the possession or control of TREI.NO content is expressly authorized to the User, it will be his responsibility not to lose, damage or destroy it.

Clause Seven - Promotions

7.1 THE ACADEMY ONLY FOR WOMEN may, when it sees fit, add advertising or present promotional offers and materials, as long as they are linked to products related to personal development, through physical conditioning and a healthy lifestyle.

7.2 Your participation in any promotion or offer is subject to the applicable rules associated with the promotion.

Clause Eight - Payment

8.1 The annual subscription to the TREI.NO training program can be carried out in the following ways:

a) Payment in cash or in installments via Credit Card: the User who opts for this modality will register their credit card and may divide the annual subscription fee into up to 12 (twelve) successive installments;

b) Payment in cash via PIX: the User who opts for this modality will make the payment in a single installment.

8.2 If you have made the payment via Credit Card, after the period initially contracted, your access will be automatically renewed. You agree that the amounts resulting from the renewal will be debited, under the same conditions and in accordance with the amounts in force at the time of the initial contract.

8.3 If you purchase a paid subscription to TREI.NO through PIX, it will be your responsibility to renew it, that is, after the contracted period has elapsed, without the confirmation of renewal in our systems, the exclusive content for subscribers will no longer be available to you. .


8.4 The User will only have access to the paid content of TREI.NO after proof of payment by the respective Financial Institution. With this, the non-approval of the payment due to lack of credit, pix compensation or any problem attributable to the User or the Financial institution will exempt TREI.NO and the Academy for women only from releasing access to the paid Content of TREI.NO and any other obligations set forth in this Terms of Use.


8.5 If you do not wish to renew your subscription, you must notify the Women-only Academy before the end of the contracted period. Such communication must be carried out exclusively via contact by message on the WhatsApp application, through the number +55 48 991671500, up to 10 days before the renewal date.


8.6 By providing your credit card information, you are acknowledging and agreeing that we may keep your credit card information in our databases until you close your account.


8.7 By providing your credit card information you agree that you will refer to the terms and conditions that are imposed by your credit card issuer for notification requirements and limitations regarding your liability in the event of loss, theft or unauthorized use of your card. , as well as information related to the credit limit and its use.


8.8 You agree that you will be solely responsible for the payment of all amounts invoiced. You agree that you will not provide any credit card information that is not in your name.


8.9 Any taxes and other tax charges that are due, directly or indirectly, as a result of the amounts paid or received through this Term of Use or as a result of its execution will be the responsibility of the taxpayer as defined in the tax rule, without the right to reimbursement.


Clause Nine – Cancellation and Refund Policy


9.1 After contracting the annual subscription to TREI.NO, the User has a period of 15 (fifteen) days to request its cancellation without any penalty.


9.2 Within the period of 15 (fifteen) days mentioned above, the User of the annual subscription has full right of regret and cancellation, without the need to justify the reasons that motivated him to cancel the subscription to TREI.NO. Thus, a full refund of the amounts paid by the User will be made, provided that the timely cancellation is requested exclusively via contact by message on the WhatsApp application, through the number +55 48 991671500. Cancellation and refund requests made through social networks and/or and email will not be answered.


9.3 After a period of 15 (fifteen) days after contracting the annual subscription, without requesting its cancellation, no expense will be refunded, even if the User is no longer interested in the content made available on TREI.NO. Furthermore, it should be noted that after the period of 15 (fifteen) days, no amount will be refunded, even if the User has not even accessed the contents made available on TREI.NO.


9.4 The refund of amounts paid will occur as follows:

a) In the event that the purchase was made by credit card, the amount will be refunded through a single chargeback from the Academy for Women only, and the deadline for carrying out the chargeback and returning the amount will correspond to the established policy by each credit card company; with a fee of 5 (five) reais.

b) In the event that the purchase was made through PIX, the refund of the amount will take place, within 20 (twenty) business days after the cancellation request, through PIX in a current account held by the User or a third party by he informed: with a fee of 5 (five) reais.


9.5 It should be noted that the Academy only for Women will provide all support so that any cancellation and reimbursement of the amount paid for hiring TREI.NO occurs in the most transparent and efficient way possible. However, in some cases, the procedures are intermediated by the administrators of the Credit Cards, and the Academia only para Mulheres will not be responsible for any problems and delays due to actions that are not appropriate for it.


9.6 For any negotiations involving cancellation of subscriptions, the User must contact us through the WhatsApp application, through the number +55 48 991671500.


Clause Ten - Termination


10.1 TREI.NO reserves the right to terminate your account and prevent your access at any time, if any violation of the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy or the relevant Brazilian legislation is found.


10.2 In the event of the above-described event, no fees or expenses will be refundable.


10.3 As described in Clause Nine of this Term of Use, the User of the annual plan has the right to terminate the paid subscription to TREI.NO, exclusively via message contact in the WhatsApp application, through the number +55 48 991671500, for a period of up to 15 (fifteen) days after being hired. After this period, the User will not have the right to cancel the subscription, nor any type of refund.


Clause Eleven - Privacy


11.1 By registering with TREI.NO, you consent to the collection and processing of all information related to the use of accesses, including that provided for this registration.


11.2 In compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Law (nº 13.709, of August 14, 2018), the User authorizes TREI.NO and Academia only for Women to collect and process their personal data, including sensitive, necessary to maintain your access to TREI.NO, to improve your experience within our platforms and for marketing purposes.


11.3 TREI.NO and the Academia only for Women undertake to keep confidential all information (data, images…) that the User shares on the TREI.NO application and/or on the web platform. The Women-Only Academy will share Users' personal data with third parties only when necessary to maintain their access and/or to improve their experience within our platforms.

11.4 Such information is also subject to the Privacy Policy for access to TREI.NO.

Clause Twelve - The veracity of the information


12.1 You declare that all information provided on TREI.NO is true, current and complete, as well as undertake to update it whenever there is a change.


12.2 You declare that the information provided on TREI.NO does not violate any law or regulation, nor does it infringe the rights of third parties.


Clause Thirteen - Security for the use of TREI.NO


13.1 The User is aware that he is responsible for the safety of his navigation, therefore, he expressly agrees that TREI.NO and/or the Women-only Academy cannot be held responsible for any damages or viruses that may damage his equipment or other properties. because of your accessing, using, downloading or browsing TREI.NO.


Clause Fourteen - Amendment to the Term of Use

14.1 TREI.NO and Academia only for Women reserve the right to change these Terms of Use, at their discretion, and may change, add, modify or remove parts of this document.

14.2 It is mandatory for the User to periodically learn about the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, in order to monitor and comment on the changes. The continued use of your account on TREI.NO will constitute your acceptance of the changes and the possible new Terms of Use.

14.3 In previous periods, TREI.NO had different types of subscription (monthly and semi-annual), which are now regulated by the provisions of this Term of Use, except in relation to the criteria for payment, cancellation, refund, renewal and programs that each subscription granted access, which must comply with the provisions of the previous Terms of Use, updated on 05/13/2022. If you are interested in consulting the previous Terms of Use, send an email to

14.4 If the User does not agree with any changes to these Terms of Use, the User must immediately cease using TREI.NO and notify the Academy only for Women, exclusively via contact by message on the WhatsApp application, through the number +55 48 991671500, to that the possibility of canceling the contracted subscription be evaluated.


Clause Fifteen - Changing the Content

15.1 TREI.NO may add, interrupt, change, remove or suspend any content made available on the application or on the web platform, at its discretion, always aiming to obtain the best performance from its Users.


15.2 Some content may be removed from TREI.NO, without prior notification to Users.


Clause Sixteen - Intellectual Property and Copyright


16.1 TREI.NO and Academia only for Women are the sole and exclusive licensees and/or holders of all intellectual property rights for the contents made available on the application and on the web platform, including, but not limited to, their contents in video classes and materials in PDF, its brands, logos, domain names, layouts, patents, texts, graphics, works, among others. The user is aware and agrees that the intellectual property of TREI.NO, Academia only for Women or third parties may never be used without prior express authorization.


16.2 By contracting the TREI.NO subscription, the User understands that its access and use do not grant him a license to use the intellectual property of TREI.NO, the Academy for Women only or third parties.


16.3 The content made available on TREI.NO is protected by applicable copyright laws and treaties.


16.4 You may not reproduce, as well as copy for yourself, without the prior authorization of the All Women's Academy, any content, whether in whole or in part, except as provided in these Terms of Use.


16.5 You agree to comply with all copyright protection laws in connection with your use of TREI.NO and the content made available thereon.


16.6 Any attempt to disassemble, reconfigure or reverse engineer the TREI.NO application, or the content made available therein, is prohibited. The User understands that accessing TREI.NO, as well as accepting this Term of Use, does not guarantee any property rights or rights related to the content available in the application or any intellectual property rights held by TREI.NO and/or by Gym for Women only.


16.7 Your access may be suspended in case of notification of any infringement of the rights of the Women-only Academy, user of the TREI.NO application, its partners or Users, without prior notification. If this occurs, Academia only for Women will not be responsible for the return of any amount paid previously, as well as may demand compensation for any damages caused by the User.


Clause Seventeen - The right of the Academy only for Women on the content contained in TREI.NO


17.1 By submitting any content to TREI.NO, you declare that you hold all rights to such content, not infringing the rights of third parties, as well as not being offensive or disrespectful to other Users or, in any way, illegal.


17.2 You agree that TREI.NO and/or Academia only for Women may use any content submitted by you in the way they deem appropriate, being able to pass it on to partners, always respecting the rights of Users, with the aim of promoting TREI .AT THE.


Clause Eighteen - Judicial measures


18.1 The Women-only Academy may adopt legal measures if it is found that the User is causing damage to other Users or to TREI.NO/Academia only for Women, whether of a patrimonial or moral nature.


18.2 You agree to indemnify the Academy for Women only in case of damages caused by the use of TREI.NO outside the provisions of these Terms of Use.


Clause Nineteen - Limitation and Disclaimer of Liability


19.1 You understand and agree that you use the Access at your own risk. No oral or written information will create guarantees of any kind regarding TREI.NO or the Women-Only Academy.


19.2 TREI.NO does not guarantee that your equipment is compatible with all the content available in the application. Always try to keep installed programs and plug-ins up to date.


19.3 TREI.NO may contain opinions that represent the point of view of other Users or partners. Such opinions cannot be attributed to TREI.NO without your consent.


19.4 TREI.NO is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the receipt of information or advertising content, by any means, that have not been sent by some of the official channels of TREI.NO (spam).


19.5 TREI.NO is not responsible for instabilities in the use of the app.


Clause Twenty - Incorporation and acquisition of the company


20.1 By using TREI.NO, you agree that the company Academia only para Mulheres may, at the time of a merger, acquisition or sale of access, or all or substantially all of the company's assets, assign its rights and obligations regarding access to an applicable subsequent owner or operator. In the event of a merger, acquisition or sale, your continued use of the access signifies your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of the subsequent owner or operator of the access.


Clause Twenty-One - General provisions


21.1 Tolerance in relation to non-compliance with any condition set forth in these Terms of Use will not be considered as a waiver of demanding compliance with the provision contained therein, nor will it represent novation with respect to past, present or future obligation, with regard to the term or condition whose non-compliance was tolerated.


21.2 The contracting parties are independent and nothing contained in these Terms of Use authorizes or results in the creation of any partnership. Neither party has any right, power or authority to assume any obligation or responsibility on behalf of or on behalf of the other.


21.3 If any clause of these Terms of Use is considered to be totally or partially invalid or ineffective, the other agreed provisions will continue in full force.


21.4 This Term of Use has a commercial relationship nature and its legal regime is based on the provisions contained in the Brazilian Civil Code, the Consumer Defense Code and other applicable laws.


21.5 The User expressly authorizes TREI.NO and the Women-only Academy to make contact through all available channels, including electronic mail (e-mail), cell phone, among others.


Clause Twenty-two - Doubts


22.1 If you have any questions or doubts about the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy, please contact us via email:


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